Spring 2011 Wedding Updates

My wedding is officially just under 7 months away.

Pardon me while I freak out for a second:


Before we get to the updates, here’s one of our engagement pics.  Cute, huh!


  • Okay, so my wedding nightmares have returned.  I am now forgetting to pick up my wedding dress.  What the heck!  I went from having nightmares about not having a dress to nightmares about forgetting to get my dress now that I have a dress.  Wow.  But my nightmares are also about other things: My bridesmaids being mean to me/stressing me out, having anxiety over trying to please everyone, not getting to spend anytime with my groom on the wedding day, not being ready in time, going Bridezilla on my family/friends.  All the nightmares are based on real-life happenings or worries, so no wonder they’re coming alive in my sleep, too.
  • Today, on the way to work, while worrying about the wedding, I had an epiphany. I’m getting MARRIED!  No less to a man that I love and adore and who makes me laugh until I cry on a regular basis.  We may have our disagreements and relationships may take work, but finding great love and deciding that we want to be together forever is pretty freaking awesome.  Screw the dress and the pleasing everyone, I’ve got a great relationship and I am super stoked about that.  I’ll probably still have wedding nightmares though.
  • Did I mention I worry about pleasing everyone?  Every time I have to deal with a, er, uh, difficult member of my bridal party or family, I have major anxiety over it for days.  I’ll lose several hours of sleep over it the night that I see them.  Why are people so difficult?  I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings here, but not everyone is going to be pleased by my every decision.  I’m already feeling crushed by the pressure.  Ladies, beware of big weddings.  When people say there is pressure, there really is.  Not only is the budget maddening, but the pressure coming from people around you is even more devastating.  You’ll need several strong friends and a good fiancé to back you up during this time.  Luckily, I have a couple very strong friends that I know will have my back over the next 7 months and on the big day.  It’s unfortunate that weddings – a celebration of love! – sometimes bring out the worst in people.
  • My budget rocks.  I’ve been coming in under budget for a lot of stuff.  My future MIL (mother-in-law) was given about 30 vases from a friend that are just perfect for centerpieces.  There will be 60 round tables, so this is HUGE considering vases are silly expensive.  Anyways, lovely little occurrences like this have been happening and it really makes things a lot easier.
  • G and I are still working to plan our honeymoon.  He received his passport in the mail so we’re ready to book the honeymoon, we just need to make a final decision!  My friend has a time share in Cancun and can get us 10-12 day under $4,000 (including airfare), so we are leaning towards that.  Sandals may not be happening after all…
  • Almost everything is booked except for a florist.  We’re just working on little things now like decorations, invitations, hair/makeup stuff, etc. etc.  This little stuff is the hardest!
  • We did decide to get some save-the-dates!  I got 200 for $42 on Vista Print.  LOVE Vista Print!  Although our guest list is around 400 people, it was either 200 save-the-dates or 500.  Since I didn’t want random magnets floating around to people that aren’t going to be invited, I figured less is more.  Plus, people that have already saved the date (parents, bridal party, etc.) don’t really need an actual save-the-date.

Well, that’s not even half of what’s really going on in wedding land, but I don’t want to bore you too much. 😉  Consider wedding update part 2 coming soon.

How do you deal with difficult people in your life?


  • You and your bf look so adorable. Congrats! As for dealing with difficult people don’t let them get to you, look its your wedding, not your relatives wedding and not your friends wedding, so gently let them know that but stand firm. You know there are some family members that I just don’t talk to because they are way too difficult and I don’t feel guilty about that. Some people seem to live to make your life miserable, I hate those types, don’t let them get to you and you don’t need them in your life. Its nice if you work things out but sometimes difficult people don’t want to, its not your fault.

  • Not to scare you but I used Vista Print for work once and they would randomly charge the business card service fees here and there over the following months. Just keep an eye on it!

    Happy for you!

  • I just found out that you can order vases in bulk from the Dollar Tree. They might do the trick for you!

    As far as difficult people, I try to think of them as belonging to the large category of things in this world that are Not My Problem. If I can’t fix their issue by either adjusting my attitude or my needs, then it is just THEIR big old issue! NOT MY PROBLEM. Smile sweetly and move on. 🙂

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