Wedding Tales: The Little Girl Who Stomped on My Wedding Dress

Remember how I tamed my inner bridezilla by finally purchasing my PERFECT dream wedding dress.  Said wedding dress arrived at the bridal boutique last week, so I went in for my initial try-on session yesterday morning.

The dress is even more gorge than I remember!  How does that happen?!

So, for the try-on session, we went upstairs to this adorable secluded area with two dressing rooms, tons of mirrors, pink walls, and hoards of sparkly hair combs, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, veils, and all the accessories you could ever imagine.

In dressing room number #1, there was an unnecessary large group of people.  Probably 4-5 adults and one LOUD little girl.  Seriously.  It’s not necessary for your try-on session.  The only person I had with me was my mom.

So we scurried by the oversized group and headed into dressing room #2.  My bridal attendant hung my wedding dress behind the curtain so my mom could help me get into it.brat girl

What happened next unleashed my inner bridezilla like a young mother protective of her newborn bridal gown:

I take off my shoes…getting ready to get into the gown and the LOUD little girl from dressing room #1 starts shrieking and laughing uncontrollably.

She bursts through the curtains of my dressing room (thankfully I had only removed my shoes at this point), loudly laughing and sprinting around the dressing room like some demented devil child.


Pretty much everything goes black around me and all I can see is the insane kid rolling around on my wedding dress.  ROLLING AROUND ON MY WEDDING DRESS!!! (It drives me crazy just to think of it!)

I only remember shrieking, “Can you get out of here!?”, grabbing her around the waist and forcing myself to gently thrust her out of our dressing room.

That just happened.

That’s all I could think.

Oh, and did I mention that all the while, her guardian (if you can call her that) was standing outside of my dressing room, reaching her hand in and saying “Come on, honey.  Calm down; come out here.”

I don’t have kids, but I would be MORTIFIED if my kid did this.  Not only that, but I would be snatching that uncontrollable child up out of its uncontrollable tantrum and removing it/her uncontrollable butt from the store.

Needless to say, I was pretty pissed off.  I dropped over $1,000 at the bridal store on the gown, the steam package, and a veil and some bratty kid gets to roll around on the dress like it’s a tattered blanket.

I know it’s a material object and it could have been replaced (would it have been if the girl had dirtied it or ripped it?), but it’s still an important and expensive purchase.  I just want the dress to make it in tact to the wedding day, and I then I won’t care less what happens to it.

I don’t really have any questions, I just really wanna know what you guys think about this situation.  Because it’s been annoying me ever since it went down yesterday morning.


  • Kid was a badly raised, badly behaved, disrespectful brat. End of story.

    You are right to be angry. I would’ve scolded that child, and taught them a lesson they’d never forget. But then again, I wouldn’t have let my kid run around screaming and laughing in a bridal shop. Either behave or risk having to be house-bound for the next month as a lesson.

    • I completely agree! That’s exactly what I was thinking – who brings a bratty child to a wedding dress fitting anyway?? Yep, my kid would have been in big trouble!

  • I would have dropkicked her! I’m not a parent, but people who let their kids run rampant in public infuriate me. Especially in a bridal shop, where everything is expensive! The parents should have controlled their child, and the store personnel should have asked them to leave if that wasn’t possible.

  • people need to learn how to control their children. you could have been naked. that’s not right that this kid was allowed to run rampant and generally ruin the experience of other brides. i’d be pissed off to. glad the dress wasn’t ruined.

  • Wow, I don’t think that actually would be a bridezilla-specific thing. Just a, “I paid good money for something with the assumption that people wouldn’t be careless/irresponsible and what the heck is wrong with people” thing.

    I’m pretty sure part of the bridal store experience is that you are treated well while you’re there. The parents should have more control over their kids. While I’m not a parent, I know that my parents raised me well enough that I could behave myself in public. And I’m not keen on parents that yell at or hit their children, I’m pretty sure they could have done a better job keeping their kid in line…or NOT BRINGING HER TO THE SHOP!

    Grumble….people these days!

  • I would have been pissed. Also, wtf, why was she there? The mom should have taken her away or not brought her in the first place. Obviously the mom is also completely oblivious – and has raised a daughter to be that way as well!

  • I cannot even imagine something like that happening! I do know one thing, my mom would have made a scene right back at her! Ha, if we’re in Walmart and a kid is pitching a fit that the entire store can hear, mom is the first one to say – loudly enough that people in our immediate vicinity can hear her – “Sounds like someone needs their butt whooped!” She probably would have told the “guardian” off and then talked to an employee about them and their child. It’s amazing how in denial most parents are about what brats they have as children! Fuming for you over here!

  • No way, you’re so not a bridezilla. The child should have been controlled by her mom. Ugh. It sucks that this happened to you. My mom didn’t take me out in public until I was a certain age and knew how to behave.

  • I would have flipped my lid, and probably given the parents a piece of my mind. People are just not into raising or scolding their children anymore. I’m very strict with my niece, and it’s just my niece. My future children are in for it, because I believe in good behavior. These people who want to be their children’s “friends” are just creating a group of uncontrollable misfits. You were much nicer than I would have been. You were not out of line!

  • I’m glad that you kept your composure as much as you did! Undisciplined kids coupled with inconsiderate adults really burn me up! I don’t know what I would have done in that case! Did you at least get an apology from her guardian?

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