Wedding Talk: I Promise Not To Turn Into Bridezilla

I, Carrie, do hereby solemnly swear not to become a full-fledged Bridezilla blogger.  I promise not to focus solely on my upcoming nuptials and forget about all the other little things that this wonderful world has to offer.

That being said…I will be blogging about the weddin’.  Yep, I’m getting married, we’re having a traditional Catholic wedding complete with a full bar, an huge guest list, and cheesy wedding music.  Aw yeah.

So, where am I in this lovely wedding planning process?  Glad you asked.  Let me fill you in on all the details:

Church: Booked and SO happy!

Wedding Party:  5 bridesmaids; 5 groomsmen; 1 adorbs flower girl and ring bearer

Colors: hot pink (thank you Stacking Pennies for selling me with THIS flower photo) & yellow accents

DRESS:  I present you….with my perfect dress (disregard the first 10 seconds of Samantha’s antics):


So yeah…if someone could find me that dress at a more Carrie…On The Cheap than Carrie Bradshaw price, I would love love LOVE you! 😉

Money:  We’re on a budget of about $15,000 – give or take a few Gs.

Guests:  I’ve put a limit of 300 on the guest list. (08/05/2010 Update: The guest list has reached 350 and I think we’ll top out at 400…)  We made a draft list of 225 that grows slowly every day (we forgot about people, etc.).  Our parents haven’t seen it and I expect them each to add a fair share of people.  I want to invite EVERYONE I know, but I want to be able to TALK to everyone that day, too.

Honeymoon: Lloyd and I are going to splurge on this fo sho.  We want to go away for 2 weeks.  We’ll probably spend at least 1 of those weeks at an all inclusive resort (I want Sandals…I just have to convince Lloyd) and another week just at different location in the USA.  I would love to honeymoon in Europe, but I just don’t see that happening.

What’s Next?  I have a lot of wedding posts floating around in my head, so I’ll probably be really dishing it out over the next week or so.  I’m SO excited! I have found the love of my life and I get to celebrate that wonderful joy in front of all my friends and family!  I am so, SO thankful for this.  I feel so lucky and only hope every person in the world can feel such joy in their life.  Whoa.  Sorry.  Got deep there.

Next post:  Wedding budget!

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  • Oooh, I love weddings! Keep the details coming – I can’t get enough of them!

    BTW, on the dress front, my BFF runs a wedding dress site, and will custom make (or copy) a dress to your specs for a fraction of the price of designer dress (within intellectual property rights, of course). I spent last weekend trying on her dresses, and they’re really good quality.

    Check out her site :

  • 300 guests!? Geez! We invited 100, had about 75 show up, and I maybe was able to talk to about half of them for any substantial amount of time (i.e. longer than a 5 second hug). Don’t overwhelm yourself on the big day by thinking you have to have a conversation with every person there. But please DO overwhelm us with wedding details! My wedding planning was so short that I’d like to live vicariously through you for the next year please. 😉

    • More guests equals more money! We planned for 75 and are barely able to make the 10k mark. You are so lucky you are getting help financially! We are doing it all on our own for the most part.

  • YES to the details! A wedding is a huge pf journey, so of course I can’t wait to read all about it! 😀

    I can’t wait to plan my wedding one day. And I want to honeymoon in Europe, no question about it. Even if I have to shell out all the $$$$ on my own! 😉

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