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Blue Apron and Weight Loss: A ‘Fit’ Combination.

Abs are made in the kitchen.

When I decided that I wanted to get into better shape, I knew that my efforts needed to be focused not only on my workout but also on my eating. When I got the chance to try Blue Apron, I was skeptical whether Blue Apron and weight loss could even be included in the same sentence. To my pleasant surprise I found Blue Apron to be a tasty, delicious and overall pleasant accompaniment to my weight loss goals.

I ordered online– it was easy to set up my account to deliver to my home here in North Carolina. I ordered on March 1 but the first available delivery wasn’t until March 10. It was probably better that way since I wanted to be able to share the meals with my significant other Casey who would be out on military exercises the field until then.

That Saturday, we decided we would make our first meal- Chipotle-Glazed Meatloaf with Crispy Potatoes. Even though it was easy to make, the recipe had a long prep time, even for dinner. During the week, we’re both famished come dinner time so 30 minutes of active prep time before eating is a lot. Thank goodness this was a Saturday, we had had a late lunch, and we were cooking together. Great company makes a huge difference!

The recipe came with all of the ingredients I needed – down to an egg and the cloves of garlic. If I had paid for the meal, I probably wouldn’t have loved knowing that I paid for an egg when I have a half a dozen in the fridge.

The meal came with nutrition facts. I thought that was a really nice touch because I’ve been tracking my eating for my weight loss goals. The nutrition facts that came with Blue Apron order were very clear. In fact they were clear enough to so that if we split it evenly, Casey and I would each eat one portion. After portioning out the meal like that, I ended up giving 1/3 of it back to Casey. I ate only 2/3 of the meal but still felt super satisfied! I loved that when I logged into My Fitness Pal, the app I use to track my food, I could search for the meals and already find them in the database, so I didn’t have to add them in! When you’re thinking about weight loss, portion sizes and food tracking can make a huge difference in getting you to your goals! Blue Apron definitely can help you with that. So, Blue Apron and weight loss do go together.

That Sunday, I decided to make our Oaxaca Cheese and Plantain Tortas with Tangelo & Radish Salad. Casey was stuck working all day, so I volunteered to bring him lunch to the office. I prepared our lunches and was shocked when the actual prep time was almost an hour! In fact, these meals only had about 10 minutes of cook time, but I spent what felt like a ridiculously long time preparing the meal. After I was done, I packed up our tortas and salad, separating the dressing from the salad.

I was pleasantly surprised to find there was also a nutritional fact label, telling me all the details of the appropriate portion size and nutritional details. I was also pleased to find the details of the meal accurately in the My Fitness Pal database, meaning that this meal too supported my weight loss goals. Again, the portion size was more food than I needed, so I could track exactly how much food I ate.

All in all, I thought the Blue Apron meals were tasty and delicious. I really am glad that it had all the nutritional facts and I thought it was even better that the meals were already in the My Fitness Pal database. That was really helpful for helping stay on track with my weight loss and fitness goals. I was a little disappointed in the long prep times, but I’m sure that with a helping hand it’d have been faster. You can learn more about Blue Apron in their video (below)!

Have you ever tried Blue Apron? Tell me in the comments!

If you’d like to try Blue Apron – use this link – it is valid for $30 off your first order.

I scored free meals as part of my reviewing Blue Apron. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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