Ecommerce & Wedding Season: Happily, Ever After

Wedding season stretches from May through October. But did you know these months are also profitable for ecommerce websites? It’s true. The wedding industry pulls in roughly $119 billion each year. If your store caters to engaged couples, you should expect an upswing in business during these busy months. However, you need to put yourself out there if you want to beat your competitors. Here’s how you can pair ecommerce and the wedding season to live happily ever after.

Selling an Engagement Ring

You know the old nursery rhyme: “First comes love, then comes marriage.” But wait a minute. What about the ring?

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be tough, which is why some people like to compare stones, bands and prices online. The downside to this process is consumers can’t hold and feel the ring the same way they would in a brick-and-mortar jewelry store.

You can combat this by providing as much information as you can. Post high-definition images of your rings from multiple angles. A short (under three minute) HD video is another way to show off that special shine. Use your copy to describe the size, dimensions and shape of the ring; the origin of the stone and whatever else you think the shopper might need to know. A live chat functionality can help demystify the process and make the shopping experience a little more human. You can also offer specific information about buying an engagement ring to draw people trying to learn more before purchasing.

Embracing Online Wedding Registries

Wedding registries make it easy for friends and family to select gifts. They also virtually guarantee the newlyweds will love their presents. Traditional department stores figured this out a long time ago to good effect. You can use one at your ecommerce store too, with the added advantage of providing their friends with instant feedback in terms of what the couple has been given already and what’s still needed.

An online wedding registry is a great way to secure sales. Ecommerce website builders, like Shopify, offer a number of wedding registry add-ons perfect for the soon-to-be-married. Just be sure to let your shoppers know that you offer online registries.

Social Media Marketing: Targeting Brides-to-Be

Women are the primary users of social media platforms. In fact, many Millennial women are choosing to buy their wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses online, as are many grooms and groomsmen. What does this mean for you? If you want your ecommerce store to target brides to be, then you need to boost your social media marketing.

Visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are great for gathering ideas on different wedding dresses, flower arrangements, cake decorations and more. If you want to meet your target consumers where they are, you have to be on these platforms. Just post images of your products (or better yet, of happy people using your products) to get social media users excited about your offerings. Remember to use plenty of tags to capture new shoppers.

Party Favors for Bachelor or Bachelorette

Yes, bachelor and bachelorette party favors can be silly. They’re also a fun way to cut the tension before the big day. If you’re already selling wedding-related merchandise, add a novelties section to your site. It’s an easy way to generate additional revenue, pull shoppers deeper into your website and give them something fun to do.

The bottom line is that weddings are big business if you know how to get in on the action. So go ahead, get out there. Market your ecommerce store, reach customers and experience the joy of wedding season in your own way.

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