How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

Have you reached that point of frustration that many people face when planning a wedding when you are thinking about postponing your wedding because of limited funds? Do not. You can still plan your wedding on a small budget and here are some tips that will help you to do that:

Have A Small Guest List

Although you might be tempted to include everyone you know on your guest list, that is not a good idea. With each addition you make, you will also be adding more costs. To save more money, try to make your wedding more intimate by inviting fewer people.

Ask For Help

Instead of asking for wedding presents that might end up collecting dust in your garage, ask your family and friends for financial help. It does not have to financial help though. Asking your close friends to offer their skills is another great way to keep your budget intact. Who knows, you might get a free caterer and photographer.

Create A Wedding Registry

Instead of letting guests pick your wedding presents randomly, create a wedding registry. Just design a simple website and list items that you would like to have as presents. This way, nobody will waste money.

Hold The Ceremony At Home/Outdoors

Renting a hall or building for your wedding can be very expensive. Consider using your home as the venue to eliminate this cost and not go over budget.

If you choose to hold your event outdoors, you need to have a plan B in case of bad weather: you do not want torrential downpour to ruin your wedding. A plan B might mean pitching a tent if rain is forecast. On the other hand, if you expect the weather to be extremely hot, you can rent a few industrial fans to keep people cool.

Use Fewer Flowers

Instead of spending half your budget on flowers that will die anyway, spend less money. Try to keep it simple by giving a single rose to each bridesmaid and a tiny bouquet to the bride.

You can also opt for fake flowers, which are much cheaper than real ones. Besides, people might not notice that the flowers are fake unless you tell them.

Make Your Own Invites

You can make your own classy invitations with just a home printer. You can find free designs online and print them out at home. Your wedding invitations do not have to be fancy; they just have to deliver the message.

Use Your Own Or Borrow Stereo Equipment

Instead of wasting money on a DJ, you can provide your entertainment using your own stereo equipment. You could place speakers around the dance floor and create a playlist on your iPod that has a few hours of good music on it. Choosing your own songs is a great way to personalize the wedding.

Stock Your Bar

In most weddings, alcohol is a big expense, but you can cut on costs by stocking your bar. Instead of going with a full bar, you can just offer wine and beer and ask the attendees to bring their own liquor. If you are renting a function hall, ask to supply your own alcohol instead of using theirs.

Shop Early For Gowns

When it comes to your wedding dress, you should start shopping early. Affordable ones can be found here that will cater to all kind of styles.

Do not despair. Just follow some of these suggestions and there will be no need to postpone the day you have already been waiting a long time for.


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