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How Paying More Now Saves You Later

Chi Straightener


Hell-O Lover.

You are looking at the best $109 I’ve ever spent on beautying myself: The Chi Straightener.

$109 for a straightener?  Yes, yes, yes.  And it’s budget-friendly, too.

I used to get the cheap-o straighteners at Target for ~$30.  I always had to replace them at least every 6 months (but more like 4-5).

However, my last Chi lasted me 2 1/2 years and still worked fabulous except for when, um, sparks started flying out of the cord (R.I.P. , friend.).  I would have plucked down $109 without a second thought had my mom not just bought me a new one for my birthday coming up (thanks, Mom!).

Now, let’s do some math!

So for 2 1/2 years that would be 5 cheap straighteners…

30 X 5 = $150

$109 < $150

So it may seem like a better deal when you pay $30 at the time instead of $109, but it’s really not.  Not only is it cheaper in the long run, but it works fabulously.  No more yanking on hair only to end up with frizzy, crazy lady hair like you do with the Target straighteners.

Case closed!


  • Awesome post! I think it’s worth noting that if you’re buying a $109 hair straightener on credit rather than in cash (i.e. for those who are still in debt), and your interest rate is high (i.e. over 12%), the Chi straightener might cost about the same as 5 cheaper ones over 2.5 years.

    Obviously though, the upside of purchasing the more expensive counterpart is that it will probably save you the multiple headaches of having to run to the store for a new one every 4 or 5 months.

    Congrats on your new Chi. I’ve been wanting one for quite some time now 🙂

  • Are GHDs big over in the States? They are like the holy grail of straighteners here. I’ve never needed to straighten my hair in my LIFE so there’s big savings right there, hehe. I don’t even own a hair dryer … am i a failure as a girl or what?

    • Hmmm, I’ve never heard of GHDs! I think the Chi’s are the most popular here…but maybe that’s just the Midwest.

  • Yes, I agree that my CHI is worth every penny. My BF is a hair stylist, though, so I got his discount through the beauty supply store that only hair stylists can enter!

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