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How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget


If You're Planning Your Special Day Here's How to Plan a Wedding on a Small BudgetIf you’re planning on getting married this spring you may be trying to plan the best party the most economical way possible.  Let’s not kid ourselves, weddings and everything that comes with them can be expensive.  So how can you plan a wedding on a small budget?

The secret is to plan ahead, don’t rush, try to DIY what you can and after you’re done planning your dream wedding with all the trimmings just cut, cut, cut until you have a plan that fits into your budget.

Here are some tips to help you plan a wedding on a small budget:

Don’t get married in the spring or summer

If you want to get married in peak wedding season you’ll have to pay a hefty price for the church, hall, flowers, photographer and DJ.  Keep in mind that your happily ever after doesn’t have to start right away.  Putting off your wedding date for a few months can help save big bucks.

Consider a destination wedding

If you plan a destination wedding the price tag won’t be any more (or won’t be much more) than the price of a trip for two.  You can also stay at the destination after your family and friends leave and enjoy your honeymoon.  There are resorts who cater to brides and grooms, so shop around or ask a travel agent to help find a destination wedding that you can afford.

Skip the big poufy dress

Don’t say yes to the dress.  Why someone would pay thousands of dollars on one piece of clothing that they are going to wear only one time is beyond me.  I understand that you want to look beautiful while walking down the aisle wearing your wedding dress, but that only lasts a few seconds.  The aftermath of being in debt once your wedding is over can last a very long time.

DIY your wedding invitations

Save the dates, wedding invitations and RSVPs can be expensive.  Let’s save all that money and spend it on something that you really want to be great such as the DJ and food at the reception.  Wedding invitations don’t have to cost a fortune, if you have a Saturday afternoon to spare they can actually be quite inexpensive to make.  Grab your friends and have  a DIY wedding invitation party to help cross that task off your list.

Decorate with your bridesmaids

A hall doesn’t need to be lit up with diamonds and gold chandeliers.  If you add flowers, candles and bright table cloths to match your wedding party colors the ambiance can look like a million bucks on a small budget.  Ask your bridesmaids to help decorate the hall before your big day.

It shouldn’t take too long and all it will cost is the price of materials.  I especially appreciate a handmade centerpiece.  There’s nothing worse than a big vase of flowers in the way while trying to make conversation with other guests over dinner.

If you have taken all these tips on how to plan a wedding on a small budget and you still have a soiree that you can’t really afford the only thing left to do is cut down your guest list.  Think Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie.  Trust me they will understand.


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