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Lucky Magazine Is Apparently Not On The Same Budget As Me

lucky-fashion-magazineSometimes the media is so out of touch with reality…

Case in point: this month’s issue of Lucky Magazine.

Does it ever annoy anyone (other than me) when the fashion mags have features about “deal hunting” and the items they list are not even in the same price range that I would consider budget-friendly?

For instance, this month, Lucky is trying to find “preppy, budget-friendly separates that are perfect for a waterfront weekend.”  (Before I get to their budget-friendly separates, let me reiterate the fact that the only separates I consider perfect for a waterfront weekend are a two-piece and a cold drink.)

Here’s just a little sampling of items they think are “budget-friendly”:

  • cotton henley: $40
    • That’s fine and all, but for those who don’t know, a henley is basically a polo without the collar.  And I saw perfectly acceptable henley’s at Old Navy for $10 about a week ago.  Next.
  • enamel bangle: $45  !!!!!!!!!
    • I’m sorry, but a $45 bangle and a budget do not mix.  I’ve bought whole sets of bangles for one single dollar before.
  • boat shoes: $80
    • No.
  • scoopneck tee: $60
    • Once again, you can purchase many tees for $5-$10 at Old Navy.  Or Wal-mart or Target for that matter.
  • kangaroo-pocket sweater: $94
    • My monthly clothing budget is $50 and I don’t think I’ll be saving up for two months for a kangaroo-pocket sweater.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Lucky Mag.  But these “deal-hunting” articles they’re always trying to pull off just drive me crazy.

I’ll give them a little credit though, there is a classic trench coat in the article from Old Navy (finally!) for $50.  I think this is pretty reasonable for a coat, but of course, I would never purchase it without a coupon or a sale a of some sort.  🙂

On the flip side, there is a fabulous article in this week’s INK Kansas City magazine all about re-vamping your current wardrobe with…your current wardrobe!  That sounds free and that sounds like something a little more budget-friendly than Lucky has to offer!


  • I only read fashion mags in the doctor’s/dentist’s/whatever’s office for free because I like fashion inspiration to rework what I have in my wardrobe.

    Or to see a look or style I like and then to find the alternatives on the cheap (necklaces are my weakness).

    Other than that, I used to subscribe to a LOT of those mags but I’ve since given up.

    Fabulously Broke in the City
    Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver.

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