Millionaire Matchmaker: Superficial or Super Smart?


When it comes to this reality TV show about love and money I am completely torn.  On one hand it’s nice that there is a service to help you find your one true love if you don’t have the time or the patience to do it yourself.  On the other hand I have to wonder what type of person goes on a reality dating show to either a) showcase to the world they’re a millionaire or b) be the type of person who only wants to date someone with money.  I just don’t get it.

Do you watch the Millionaire Matchmaker?

I am sort of drawn to the show because the matchmaker herself Patty Stranger is a festinating person.  Truly.  She puts her personal life and lifestyle out there for everyone to see.  She was single, engaged and now she’s single again.  Through all that she still believes in love.

If you’ve ever had your heart broken you know how hard it is and how long it takes to feel whole again.  Sometimes we never do, sometimes we cope and move on to continue living our lives but there just may always be a little piece of us missing.

Would you ever use a dating service?

I would love to know how you met your spouse.  I met Nick at a party during our first year of college.  I followed him around until his friend eventually introduced us.  Sure I should have been insulted he didn’t notice me all night, but I’m persistent.

If I was single I’m not even sure how I’d meet someone, maybe a dating service is the way to go.  I am so set in my ways and so busy with my multiple jobs that I don’t think I’d put the effort into meeting someone – they would definitely have to find me.  I definitely wouldn’t be out at clubs on Saturday nights hoping to find my one true love.

How strong is a relationship based on money?

Maybe people meet on the Millionaire Matchmaker and truly do fall in love.  Maybe.  But I can’t help but wonder how strong can a relationship be when it’s built on a foundation of green paper?  The millionaires are there to meet beautiful women and handsome men who are strictly there to meet someone with money.  How superficial is that?

I would think the question of does he/she truly love me or is it really just about the money? would always be on my mind.

The relationships are honest

Even though they might be superficial at least the relationships are honest.  Both people are going into it knowing exactly what they’re getting in to.  The millionaire knows that they are looking for someone who wants to date someone with cash and the contestants (is that what they’re called?) know they are strictly looking for a mate with money.  Maybe that’s the way to do it – complete and total brutal honesty.

Although if it were me I would still make the gold digger, oops I mean the contestant , sign a prenupt.

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