Who Really Pays for the Bachelorette Party?

Arguably one of the pre-wedding highlights for brides and bridesmaids is the bachelorette party which can range from a night spent bar hopping to a girls’ night in that doubles as a pajama party. It can be pricey, which is why the question that’s often asked and debated about is: who pays for the bachelorette party?

Traditionally, the bride should be the only one not paying for the bachelorette party. But then again, it depends on the type of bachelorette party you and your fellow bridesmaids had in mind. Check out the most common types of bachelorette parties – and who should be paying for them – below:

In-Town, One-Night-Only Party

For this type of party, guests would typically divide the cost of a night out and about around town party between them. The organizer, usually the maid of honor or one of the bridesmaids, is in charge of figuring out the entire cost of the party, which should include transportation, drinks, hotel room (optional), and dinner. Guests all chip in for the bride’s share of the costs.

Destination Bachelorette Party

In the case of a destination bachelorette party which takes the bridal party out of town for a night or two at a destination of choice, costs can be significantly higher for each person. In this situation, it’s acceptable to ask the bride if she’s fine with paying for her trip and back. Once at the destination, the bridal party would pitch in for the planned activities, including overnight accommodations and any other accessories necessary to the party, such as matching bridal party robes for everyone.

Classic House Party

Among the various types of bachelorette’s party, this would probably cost the least. A classic house party can be organized and hosted by the maid of honor, or by the entire bridal entourage. Guests outside of the bridal party would not be charged for any costs incurred, rather, the bridesmaids with the maid of honor would typically take charge of providing the food, drinks, decorative pieces, and any other forms of entertainment deemed necessary. This type of bachelorette party is cozy and is perfect for those girls who aren’t really too keen on painting the town red.

Budgeting Tip:

Consider the budgets of your guests before finalizing any bachelorette party plan, and come up with a reasonable budget that’s sure to cover for the type of activities you had in mind. This includes any accessories or costumes that you may need for the bride and guests to wear, such as tiaras, a sash, matching floral robes, and game materials.

Budgeting for a bachelorette party can be a pain. To avoid any misunderstandings and conflicts when it comes to planning and carrying out a bachelorette party idea, the bride, as well as all other guests, should be kept informed of any updates and changes so that everyone can have an idea of how much a fun night out with your best girls would cost.

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