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5 Frugal Tips to Save Money on Lipstick

save money on lipstick

Do you spend a lot of money on makeup? This actually isn’t one of my big spending areas. I keep my make-up routine really simple. However, I almost always have lipstick on. It’s an easy way to add some polish to my face without having to spend lots of time or effort. As a result, though, I do own quite a few tubes of lipstick. So it’s helpful to find ways to save money on lipstick. Here are five beautiful options:

1. Find Your Signature Shade

Like I said, I don’t spend a lot of money on makeup overall. However, I do buy lipstick. And since it’s the only makeup I buy regularly, I tend to want a lot of variety. Therefore, I have at least six different shades of lipstick at any given time.

One way to save money on lipstick is to find your signature shade. Pick just one color that you wear all of the time. This simplifies your decision-making during your beauty routine. It gives you a foundation color to build the rest of your make-up look around. Moreover, you only need to buy one tube at a time. Therefore, you save money.

If, like me, you can’t just stick to one shade, it’s okay. But try to keep only 2-3 in rotation at any given time. Otherwise, you end up with a lot of lipstick tubes. They cost you money. You might not use them before they expire, so that’s just money wasted.

2. Shop Around for Affordable Lipstick

As you work to find your signature shade, consider affordable lipstick options. Of course, we all have ethics when it comes to makeup. For example, I’m willing to pay more for products that aren’t tested on animals. But within those parameters, there are a huge range of lipstick prices. Therefore, you can save money on lipstick by trying out affordable brands.

That said, don’t try and try and try. In other words, don’t keep filling up your makeup drawer with lipstick you bought, didn’t like, and never used again. That’s a waste of money. So, try on samples. Comparison shop. Find the right affordable lipstick for you then stick to it.

3. Buy Lipstick That Does Double Duty

If you buy lipstick that also has SPF sunscreen in it, then you don’t need extra sunscreen lip balm. If you purchase lipstick that comes with lip gloss on the other end of the tube, then you don’t need to purchase lip gloss separately. Similarly, if you find a lipstick that you love on its own, then perhaps you won’t need a lip liner to go with it. By choosing wisely, you can avoid purchasing other products. This is another way to save money on beauty.

4. Find Ways to Use Up Lipstick You Already Have

The best way to save money on lipstick is not to buy any. At least for awhile. And the best way to do that is to find a way to use up all of the lipstick that you already own. Makeup has an expiration date. So, this allows you to use what you have before it’s just money wasted. Plus you can take lipstick out of the budget until you’re done using what you have.

Zlittle suggests that if you have a bunch of colors that you don’t like on their own, you can combine them, or mix them with a nude lipstick to create a shade you’ll wear. Stylecaster adds other great ideas. For example, use a lip brush to turn lipstick into lip liner. Or use lipstick as a blush or eyeshadow. There are a surprising number of ways to use up old lipstick before you buy more.

5. Save Money on Lipstick The Usual Ways

Don’t forget to look at the usual money-saving techniques to save money on lipstick. Coupon codes, sale prices, asking for samples, using cash back rewards credit cards for the purchase, and other common money-saving tricks all work for this product. Don’t pay full price for lipstick if you don’t have to.

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