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Why we have to pay for TV (even though I don’t want to)

Photo_051405_009Is it really that time again already? My post on The Hubby’s football obsession was right after I took over B&B, so that means I’ve been with you guys for a whole year! (Have I been doing OK? I hope so!)

At any rate, I’m on this subject again because the first telltale sign of my impending football widowhood has occurred: The Hubby has bought his first fantasy football magazine to start picking his lineup for his fantasy teams. (Yes, I said “teams.” He is obsessed, after all.)

That means another long season with lots of football time for The Hubby and lots of “me” time for me.

Which is fine. Like I said in my first post, I’ve come to accept The Hubby’s fanatic love for football. Except for one new thing lately that has me having to come to terms with it again…

I would love to get rid of our TV subscription

We only pay for the basic package in terms of channels, but because of The Hubby’s need for SO MUCH FOOTBALL on Sundays, he has to have the RedZone package during football season. We’ve been talking lately about why we’re still paying for TV (which I don’t think anyone should have to anymore), and it came down mostly to his sports.

He likes to be able to DVR games (both football and baseball) to make sure he doesn’t miss anything. (He’d never leave the house on football Sunday, but during the summer, we’re not always home for baseball games, so he can catch up on those when he wants).

He loves his RedZone and I think would go through withdrawal symptoms without it.

All of the shows we watch together, we could find on Hulu or Netflix or catch up on them on DVD. But his sports are holding us back from getting rid of a TV package we probably only watch 15% of the stations on.

I am trying very hard to be understanding about this. I have my things that I like to splurge on, so I know it’s only fair that I let him have his. But as a PF blogger, especially when so many of the people I read (and know IRL) are getting rid of paid TV, it’s not easy.

Do you still pay for TV? Why/why not? Have you had any fights with your s.o. over this? Help!





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  • We don’t pay for TV. But one splurge that my hubby can’t give up is to purchage college football xbox game every year. I don’t even know the exact name for that. And his occasional college logo item purchases. He cut down a lot after we got married and I spend a lot more money on my skin care, so I don’t say anything.

    • Yeah, that’s kind of how I feel about our TV dilemma. I have my little “splurges,” so it’s only right that I let him have his. He doesn’t really ask for much. (Even if what he does ask for, football, is in a super-crazy amount!) 🙂

    • Thanks, Cat! I really enjoy doing it, so I hope you guys are enjoying reading!

      I know, I guess I’ve just got to accept that about The Hubby (even the part that adds a bit to our budget). Really, I guess it’s not a bad price to pay for a whole season of “me” days, huh? 🙂

  • We have TV, but we don’t pay for it. Even though I love to watch TV we weren’t sure we were going to get it when we moved into our apartment last year, due to the cost, but since we had a TV anyway my boyfriend hooked it up just to see what, if anything, would work, and a lot of the channels did work. Shhh, don’t say anything! 🙂 My boyfriend does want to get rid of the TV though, mainly because he hates the commercials and is always getting me to mute them, sometimes yelling from the other room (meanwhile I’m on the computer and go ‘oh, there is commercials on, I didn’t notice’; I’m pretty good at tuning them out!).

    I enjoy reading your blog! 🙂

    • Thanks, Morgan!

      That’s too funny, your situation. If he’s in the other room, what should he care about commercials?

  • My boyfriend and I both canceled our cable over a year ago, but thankfully Playstation came out with some NFL package so he can still watch his precious games when he’s at home. When he’s at my house, Sunday afternoons are spent at the local bar and grill watching the games. Still gets a little expensive since he feels obligated to keep buying drinks to justify taking up a seat (eyeroll), but at least neither of us are shelling out $100/month for a bunch of channels we’re not using!

    • What’s the Playstation NFL package? The Hubby has a PS3…I wonder if I could convince him to switch!

  • We finally cut the cable cord and! My husband sound exactly like yours, he watched sports constantly when we had cable. We have Apple TV now, and there’s an MLB app that he subscribed to (I think it was like $50 for the year?) so he can watch baseball games anytime, and if they have already aired, he can watch them from the beginning. Football is still an issue, so he’ll only be able to watch whatever is broadcast, but he’s hoping that the NFL will eventually offer something similar to the MLB app. Sports aside, we are really happy with Netflix and Hulu and we really don’t miss tv at all!

    • Side note…when we told my mother-in-law that we were getting rid of cable, she said, “Not even basic cable?!” She can’t fathom living without it…that made me laugh 🙂

      • The funniest thing for me is, I grew up with broadcast TV only. I never had cable until I moved in with The Hubby. But, I do have to say that now that I’ve gotten hooked on HGTV and TLC, I can understand how people can’t imagine being without it!

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